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Automatic small grain canning and sealing line

Date:2019-09-05 / 人气:528

Product use:
  It is used for weighing, dividing and sealing seasoning powder such as white sugar, salt, chicken essence, rice, seeds, coffee and even small particles, suitable for all kinds of round cans with reliable quality and easy operation.

The performance characteristics of

1. The scope of application is wide. As long as the mold is changed, it can be used for quantitative weighing, packaging and sealing of circular tanks of different specifications;

2.PLC control, man-machine interface touch screen operation, high degree of automation, simple operation;

3. Adopt high-precision linear weighing, and directly set the weight of the divided grams on the touch screen, with high weighing accuracy;

4. When a can is entered, it shall be weighed and packed accordingly. No material shall be provided without a can.

5. Stop without cover: when the lower cover is not provided, the machine will stop automatically to avoid the tank body biting the cover clamping die and damaging the parts of the coiling mechanism;

6. The sealing mechanism adopts synchronous belt drive, with simple maintenance and low noise;

7. Conveyor belt with single stepless speed regulation, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance;

8. The outer cover and main parts adopt 304 stainless steel to meet the hygiene requirements of food and medicine.

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